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e+i Profile | collaborative team

e+i studio is a dynamic architecture and design practice based in New York City. Founded in 2007 by partners Eva Perez de Vega and Ian Gordon it engages in projects of all varied scales, from public projects that engage the city and the environment, to residential renovations, to exhibit, set and product design including furniture and jewelry design.

At  e+i we believe that collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange are a vital component of the design process. We work closely with clients as collaborators, incorporating expertise from various disciplines in order to find unique and environmental solutions for any design problem. Each project demands a unique approach and is considered from a multi-faceted perspective, balancing social and environmental parameters, aesthetics, innovation and the realities of budget and fabrication.

The work of e+i has been supported and awarded by the New York Foundation For the Arts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Manhattan Council Art Fund, Architecture For Humanity and Emerging New York Architects, among others. It has been exhibited in New York at the AIA Center for Architecture, Van Alen Institute, Max Protech, RIVAA art gallery, Parsons New School For Design, as well as internationally at the Milan design fair, Venice, Rome, Madrid, Stockholm and Seoul.
e+i  is licensed to practice architecture in New York State and in Spain.

e+i Philosophy | choreographing space

At e+i we believe that the built environment should be informed by the way it is used and interacted with, encompassing the user as an active participant in the design process, as well as a keen exploration of the specific context in which a project is implemented. tockholm and Seoul.

Informed by our background in movement related practices we approach architecture as an interdisciplinary practice that emerges from the exploration of the performance of matter and bodies in space. For us, architecture is a material manifestation of choreographed space.  In other words, we seek to propose solutions that engage performative movement-based expression and architectural spatial constructs into proposals that are not fixed in time, but can evolve through performance and use.

We are very interested in work that engages the public, is un-contextually site specific, and explores issues of fabrication, digital and material craft, movement and aesthetic spatial experiences. We also enjoy bringing in the logistical constraints of fabrication, assembly, transportation of materials, and budget into the design process, as they have often proved to be positive creative forces within projects.

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