e+i Rhino 2 workshop

RHINO 2 WORKSHOP | live online

Description: in-depth look at creating and editing complex geometry, customization and various workflow techniques.

REQUIREMENTS: Must have taken Rhino 1 workshop (or reach out via email for assessment)
Computer with a 3-button mouse and rhino installed (preferably PC)


• Interface customization
• Curve and Surface continuity
• Deformation tools
• Intro to macros and scripting
• Surface evaluation
• Working with Blocks (creating and importing)
• Working with meshes
• Ability to import and export in various file formats

SIGN UP BELOW: [paypal window will open - no account needed]
- Workshops are Saturdays from 3.00 - 6.00pm EST with live online instruction
- Once you register we will send ZOOM LINK and details for the 'TECH CHECK'